Fiona Williams is an artist based in Naarm Melbourne. Her practice engages with the painterly and cinematic and includes methods of image-generation that are intuitive and responsive to her environment. Her work explores connections between concepts of time and vitality, by looking at what emerges over time through the operations of different material traces. The images produced are intended to be partial, and to differentiate in each iteration, and for viewers, in the time and place of exhibition. In this way, Williams' work considers how the image is constituted in the world with a degree of slightness and flux. 

Recent exhibitions include: Elbow-room in the universe, 2020, curated by Victoria Wynne-Jones, Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, Wellington, NZ; ( ... ), with Ruth H√∂flich, 2019, David, Melbourne; The Mechanic, Part 2, 2018, curated by Nick Kleindeinst and Neon Parc, 215 Albion, Brunswick; In Bloom, 2018, curated by Mad√© Spencer-Castle and Jeremy Eaton, SPRING 1883, Melbourne. If the moon moves water, the sun moves shadows, 2017, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne; Paintings and Films, 2017, RM Gallery, Auckland, NZ. 

Upcoming: Shadow's are dance, SGAS, October 2021.


All images © Fiona Williams