Becoming Image

Becoming Image, installation view, 2015
Monash University HDR Seminar
Photographed by Leuli Eshraghi.

This is a photograph from the audience perspective of a performative presentation designed for HDR Theory Workshop peers. It shows a moment from a performative work that was part of a panel discussion with Melanie Oliver and Vincent Chan on mediation and ghosts. We responded collectively, and individually to our reading of the introduction to Derrida's 'Spectres of Marx'. We each presented a paper that explored our views in relation to our own practices – as an artist, as a curator, and as a graphic designer. For this piece, I utilised the conference call software Zoom and an open Word doc. to develop a highly time-sensitive text. 

A provisional and speculative text was read aloud, from the working document on my computer screen in my studio, to my peers across campus in the lecture theatre. The text reflected on problems raised in a earlier work of mine – how to make a place-sensitive image – for instance, the complex relation between intention and outcome, word and image, while considering the spectral capacity of the image, and how an image might be open to becoming in a methodological sense. I put myself in the place of the image, not knowing but with some idea about what might happen.