Alex Achtem, Catherine Connolly, Stephen Palmer, Fiona Williams

Accompanied by a new piece of writing by Jan Bryant

Opening Wednesday 2 July 6-8pm

2 July - 19 July 2014

Bus Projects

25-31 Rokeby St, Collingwood

hesitation draws together four artists for whom hesitance plays a significant role in the approach to, or process of, making work. By bringing them together this show will seek to examine the various uncertainties at stake in art, as a way of relating, representing, or taking action in the world.
Each of the participating artists work across an unfixed range of media, in which the choice of form, and process of execution, plays a crucial part in the trajectory of the work. Uncertainty is here considered a necessary condition of art’s exigency, propelling small decisions and confusions as the constitutive circumstances of production. In this sense the exhibition is tied to particular artistic strategies, but is also directed towards the more general questions of art’s capacity to intervene in social and intellectual life.