6 & 7 December, 2014

Fiona Williams, Inari Kiuru, Jacqui Shelton, Kari Lee McInneny McRae

Curated by Laura Thompson

A Staple Space
Naarm Melbourne

Untitled (path shadow) & Untitled (path shadow), 2014
Oil on aluminium, each 13.5 x 19.2cm

Photographed by Christian Capurro


2 July - 19 July 2014

Alex Achtem, Catherine Connolly, Stephen Palmer, Fiona Williams
With new writing by Jan Bryant

Bus Projects
Collingwood, Naarm Melbourne

Catherine Connolly
The weather from here, 2014 

Fiona Williams
cyanotype photograms

Stephen Palmer
Untitled (neon sign), 2014

Alex Achtem
Untitled, 2011

Catherine Connolly
Prop (1), 2014

Fiona Williams
air/touch/writing (snow), 2013
cyanotype print

Documentation: Bus Projects & Clare Rae

Between the sky and the ground

7 June - 5 July, 2014

Northern Centre for Contemporary Art
Darwin, NT

Installation view
Between the sky and the ground, 2014
digital video, and digital publication via link/text on window

Text inside the gallery by Victoria Wynne-Jones

The Walking Encyclopedia

7th February - 15th March, 2014

Stroke-on-Trent, UK

Photograph Videos, 2008-09
digital video