Banff Residency

Something in the Water; A Search for the Turn of the Backwash
with Adam Chodzko, Simon Starling, and Martin Clark
November 14 - December 9, 2011
The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada

By utilising art to explore new ways of relating to each other it’s time to reveal and tamper with the networks that connect individual subjectivity to wider collective and unconscious flows in the world. What unspeakable truth rises to the surface from this kind of looking? It’s a collaboration. Each participant contributing equally in order to create a series of propositions; What are we doing here, right here, right now? Or are we already, in reality, somewhere over there? Field trips, hikes, meetings, collaborative video projects, individual quests, too much late night Googling, and lots of misunderstandings will guide us through this residency.

Participants: Andrew de Freitas, Carolyn Taylor, Cathy Gordon, Cedric Bomford, Christina Zeidler, Emily Puthoff, Emily Rosamund, Fiona Williams, Kerri Reid, Kevin Schmidt, Leanne Eisen, Matthew Bourree, Maria Kubysh, Ruth H√∂flich, Sarena Sairan, Sheilah Wilson, Valerie Salez, Youki Cropas.

(accidental recording)