14 April - 1 May 2010
Opening 4-6pm Saturday 17 April

Photography is not usually associated with the present. Within Williams’ practice, however, photography is insistently concerned with the present as it's subject and drive. Williams works with photography as a reference, researching/photographing/filming/painting/drawing/reconfiguring something of photography. The component works here descend from photographs, are of photographs, and are like a photograph in their referentiality. Although the resultant work is often visually very slow, the processes of image-generation are somewhat brief and active, involving methods of reworking or re-acting, which follow through into the installation of pieces, or configurations, which remain largely undetermined until in the time and place of exhibition. Photographing continues this practice with a new configuration of work in Trocadero’s Gallery Two. 


Polaroid photographs, digital video, various oil on aluminium

photos: Christian Capurro 2010